Friday, 13 June 2014

Highly Specialized Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Recreates Surgical Restorations
While the branch of oral & maxillofacial surgery is a widely recognized branch of dentistry, this branch has become synonymous with highly complicated surgeries being done in the facial and neck region. To become a successful oral maxillofacial surgeon and establish a good practice, one has to study rigorously through number of years of medical and dental school and be conversant with most of the anatomical features of the face and neck. In the region of Delhi, there has been a surge in the cosmetic maxillofacial surgery these days, aided by expert surgeons, who have also undergone courses pertaining to cosmetic surgeries.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery looks into surgical treatments of various conditions of face and neck

In India as well as in oral & maxillofacial surgery New Delhi, there is the need to have expertise in different features of the face, jaw and neck and sometimes also deals with the head and cranium. Few cases of cosmetic dentistry also require the services of such a specialist oral maxillofacial surgeon and this is supposedly being seen as a multispecialty field. But, primarily, oral & maxillofacial surgery deals with some particular branches and surgical procedures, the applications for which can be found in different cases.

Variety of surgical procedures undertaken by these surgeons

  • One of the important fields in which the cosmetic maxillofacial surgery comes into the picture is the dentoalveolar surgery, required for removing impacted tooth, extraction of tooth in difficult situations, where bone grafting is required and anatomical surgeries, before the implantation of prosthesis.
  • During the process of osteointegration, where bone grafts are required to be put into the jaw bone, so that there is some thickening and dental implants can be restructured on these bones.
  • Various kinds of cosmetic surgeries of the head and neck also require the services of best oral & maxillofacial surgeon in Delhi, where surgeries are to be done in very small areas. Hence, in procedures like blepharoplasty, facelift, browlift, otoplasty, rhinoplasty, cheek and chin augmentation, lip enhancement and liposuction, this particular specialty is brought into the surgery team.
  • In various kinds of treatment procedures for apnea, genioplasty and advancement of the maxilla and mandibular joint, the surgical parts are handled by the oral maxillofacial surgeon.

Treatment of certain conditions – Besides working on various cases of oral & maxillofacial surgery New Delhi, the dentist with this specialization also can be involved in the treatment of few conditions. Looking into the oral cavity in patients with advanced carcinomas, benign cysts and tumors, cleft palate and lips, temporomandibular joint disorders and chronic facial pain disorders, these dentists can be of help by understanding the underlying pathology. In consultation with other specialists, people can be seen by the best oral & maxillofacial surgeon in Delhi for coming up with the right diagnosis at the earliest and institution of treatment as and when necessary.

Oral & maxillofacial surgery is a vast field, although the surgical techniques are handled by these dental specialists. They can also work on cosmetic maxillofacial surgery and provide suitable back up for diagnosing various conditions of the face and neck and oral cavity. This kind of oral & maxillofacial surgery New Delhi has become quite common with the dental clinics dealing in such surgeries and highly specialized oral maxillofacial surgeon attending these clinics.


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